Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have been blessed with some nice fall weather. The Indian summer is lasting much longer than I expected. Milo and I have been enjoying our morning walks. Bob still stops the school bus and gives Milo a treat. I have been looking at several new flags to fly at the school house. I am not able to lower the flag before dark so I will wait until next spring to raise and lower the American Flag. My favorite so far is a world flag. It is a depiction our our mother earth.

There were two private Halloween parties in Sunshine last night. We were going to try to visit both.....good intentions, poor execution. Janice and I both worked yesterday and the clock was running faster than we were. At least we made one of them. Next Saturday will be the kids Halloween at the School House. This has been a Sunshine tradition for as long as I have lived in Sunshine.

Speaking of work, I have figured out why I like working at the map store. Every customer is in a good mood! They are all planning something fun, mostly a trip someplace. Some are just quick day trips, others are trips to an exotic place int the world. What ever it is, everyone is excited.

The band is playing at the American Legion Hall next Friday night. I know it will be fun. Come on over an join us. Just mention my name at the door.

Keep smiling,



Ellen said...

Hi there David,
I missed your prior entry about the shooting. How very sad not to mention scary.
I hope you have a nice Halloween. I loved all your firewood pictures.
Take Care my friend

Dawn said...

Beautiful picture! Love it, David!

be well...

Indigo said...

I love the idea of the world flag depicting Mother Earth..then again I would. It's been rather warm here as well. At night it's chilly enough to burn the pellet stove, but the days are pleasant yet. Someone said the S word today and I made the mistake of repeating it..ahhh I hope I haven't cursed us with it's coming. At least another 2 weeks of Autumn would be nice. (Hugs)Indigo

Jan said...

Great fun to be had ,I will see you there (I WISH )you can introduce me to the people I sent postcards to lol Jan xx

ADB said...

Pleased for you the nice weather is hanging on, David. Enjoy the Halloween parties!

~Rebecca Anne~ said... know, one of these days I just might show up at one of your community events, I'm sorta like that.
Have fun and thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture. It is everything I think of when I think of Colorado.........

Ally Lifewithally said...

Halloween seems such a long time ago ~ but I am glad your weather has been good ~ and Milo still gets his treats ~ Ally x