Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation and Happy Hour

The Oregon Coast

We had another enjoyable trip to the Oregon coast for vacation. This year we stayed in Newport. In years past we stayed in Seaside. My son Michael would have preferred Seaside. He calls it his "happy place". Trying something new was enjoyable. I had forgotten how impressive Mount Hood can be. Uncle Gene chose a couple of great wines. We stopped to visit my Mother and Fathers grave site. I did shed a few tears. I do miss them. As we drove through Boise (in 102 degree heat) we said "Hi" to Rebecca Anne but I don't think she heard us. Next year we are going to the Big Island. Reservations have already been made. Michael leaves for Norway tomorrow. He will be gone for two weeks.

Janice and I figure this was the last trip together as a family. The boys are growing older. We'll see what time brings. Speaking of time, have you heard the words to the theme from "M*A*S*H"?

We had a community Happy Hour last evening. We gathered at Steve and Dee's house. Everybody brought their own drinks and a dish to share. The band assembled and we had an open mike. Neighbors played their instruments and others grabbed a mike and sang. We had a great time.



The Columbia River Gorge

Friday, July 3, 2009

Time flys when you are having fun

The Flat tops in north central Colorado

The summer is just flying by. I'm having a hard time sitting down at this machine to talk about everything that has been going on.

The Weekend of the Summer Solstice, June 19, 20 and 21st was our annual SCSSYYSR (Sunshine Canyon Summer Solstice YaYa Sisterhood Reunion). Those who have followed me for several years know all about it. For those who are new here is the explanation. My lovely wife grew up in Sunshine Canyon. At that time there were very few families living in Sunshine. They were very close. Several of the families have moved away or the children have grown up and moved on. Although there are many miles between them, the families have remained close. Every year, for many of the past years, the families have gathered for a reunion. Except for one year, this reunion is held in the mountains at Dale and Terry's house. We affectionately call it "Hog Hollow". This year was just as much fun and the past years. My only regret is that I relied on Terry to take all of the pictures. She did a great job except that I walked off and left my disk at her house. Maybe, I hope, she'll send it to me. The picture at the top of the page was taken near their house on Saturday.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!! We have electricity at the Sunshine School house. We lost power when the old firehouse burnt down. It's only taken 3 years for the power to be restored.

My youngest son has earned his Eagle Scout award. I am really , really proud of him.

We are leaving for the Oregon coast on Sunday. We'll stop in Salt Lake City on Sunday night and spend time with friends. The next day we'll truck through Boise and then stop in Baker City, Oregon. Tuesday it's off to the coast after brief stops in Mosier (to pick cherries), Camas (to see my brother and his family) and Portland (to visit my parents grave site and then Uncle Gene's Wine shop). We will find our pillows in Newport.
Keep smiling!