Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Snow

So long to fall....the Sneffels range in southwest Colorado

It is a cold Saturday night. This has been a very busy week and weekend. It seems to be the weekend to celebrate OctoberFest. The band played at the American Legion hall last night. We had a great time. It was their beer fest.
This is also the weekend of The Great American Beer Festival . Our neighbor, Paul puts on the festival. 46,000 people attended the three day event. Janice and I have attended the last several years but we both had to work today. Oh well......I'm really a wine drinker anyway.
It is 10:35 at night as I write this entry. It's snowing. I have, in the past, noted our first snow. It's right on schedule. I noticed entries of October 8th, and the 10th in the last couple of years.
Speaking of my old journals, I have successfully downloaded and saved my old entries. If you are interested, the links can be found in my profile.
It's late so I'm off......I'll try to make another post soon.
Keep smiling,


Indigo said...

It's been chilly enough here in NY at night to have a fire going in the pellet stove, otherwise our days are still mild. I loved the picture you posted with this entry. Autumn in all her blaze. I can't believe it's snowing there already. Hopefully it holds off for a few more weeks for us. Have a grand weekend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Ellen said...

I'm so jealous of your snow !
We had NONE last year, and rumor is it's going to be a rough winter here, we'll see.
I'm glad your journal came over with no problems.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Ugh, It's been unusually warm here which I love. Hope you drank a couple stout ones for me. Glad to hear your journal migrated soothly :)

Vicky said...

Oh no....snow...Once you start talking about it it is not long till we get cold here and tell ellen to shut up lol love V

Millie said...

ooohh, I love the snow - probably because we don't get much over here in my part of the UK :(

Glad to hear your had no probs getting your journal over.


Lori said...

I'm glad you were able to save all your journals. Love that picture, but I'm not happy to hear you have had snow already. I know it's the right time for Colorado, but it just reminds me of what's coming. Brrr.

Nathan said...

Let me know next time you're offered free tickets to the beer festival!

-Your only of-age son.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I'm glad I've tracked you down...I'm on mission this evening tracking everyone down and let me tell's quite fun~~
Stay warm, enjoy the amazing Colorado Falltime and I'll catch up soon,

Jan said...

Hi David brr Idont envy you the snow Idont like the cold weather ,think Ishall hibernate ,Any news of the postcards yet ? lol Jan xx

Amanda said...

Beer festivals, now that is something I wouldn't mind having sent my way - but the snow on the other hand, keep that as long as you'd like. We went from 80 to 40 in the course of one week. Bah-humbug!