Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our neighborhood

I don't want to leave an ongoing story with AOL and not keep everyone up on the progress. I am going to copy the last couple of entries just to remind you of the story.

One of our neighbors made a bird house that looks just like the Sunshine school house. I challenge my neighbors to find it's location.
Speaking of neighbors, I wanted to mention that a couple of weeks ago we were invited to a Sunday brunch at Doug and Mary Ann's. The event was totally delightful. They have a beautiful view from their house, overlooking the mountains to the south of Sunshine. Mary Ann has wanted to entertain for quite some time but Doug was against the idea. You see, Doug was afraid we (the neighbors) would try to steal everything he owns....that thought still has me laughing. You have to know Doug to enjoy his sense of humor. Doug wrote for a national magazine with the initials SI. His column was always a joy to read. MaryAnn's choice of fair could not have been better. The food was great and the guest list was tops (of course I would say that, I was included). MaryAnn reads this journal so for you walked by the bird house this morning....did you see it?

My neighbor, Doug, read my last entry when I discussed our enjoyable visit to his house and the delicious Brunch. He responded. I would like to share his comment with you. I feel honored that he would allow me to reprint his words.

Good evening, David...

Many thanks for your wonderfully kind words in your blog about our brunch. You know we loved having you and Harry here and wished Janice could have come.

Every time anybody who lives up here comes to our house, the first thing I do when they leave is begin a thorough inventory. I have not quite completed the inventory from when you and the others were here a couple weeks ago. But, so far, so good. Remarkably little was stolen. One of our cars is missing but I think someone just got confused and will bring it back by year end. About $150,000 cash is absent but, again, my guess is somebody thought they had brought it with them and just took it home. Once they focus on it, I know they'll be embarrassed over this and they'll mail it back to me. The only other missing items, and of little import, is all the silver. However, in fairness, we might very well have mistakenly thrown it out with the trash in our haste to clean up after all you pigs.


My lovely wife, Janice responded with this missive:

Dearest Doug and Mary Ann,

So sorry to have missed the brunch that you so graciously hosted a couple of Sundays ago. David and Dad had such a wonderful time.

I wanted to give you and Mary Ann a heads-up in hopes that you would keep an eye on our place over the next 3 weeks as David has surprised me with tickets for a cruise around the world. He said he just stumbled on to some extra cash and wanted to spoil his little "cupcake". Wow! The new cars are coming next week and we are remodeling the kitchen - wow! How does he do it? I didn't realize how well his band gigs were doing! Well, time to pack - take care! We'll miss you and will send postcards. David mentioned that it was with support from you two that he made the big decision - thanks!


Doug then replied:

Dear Janice...

I'm so happy for you. In fact, I saw David a day or two after our brunch and he had a spring in his step that I had not seen before. He was positively ebullient. Plus, he was, frankly, a trifle too appreciative of being included on our guest list. One of his comments was maybe a little odd: "Doug, most of all, it was great that I got to look around your entire house by myself. Being alone and unobserved gave me a chance to, well, be alone and unobserved." I dunno. But people always are saying curious things. I didn't read anything into it then and don't now.

Anyway, you have a lot of exciting things on the horizon. There's probably nothing like an around the world cruise. While we have never done that, I took Mary Ann on a comparable trip in 1967. We went to Greeley, ate at the I-Hop and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. I tell you, it was an experience for the ages. I'm sure you'll experience similar feelings. New cars and a kitchen remodel also are things I'm familiar with. I've never bought Mary Ann a new car but I recently got her a 1948 Nash with a bumper sticker: "I go from 0 to Bitch in 2.5 seconds." And while a kitchen remodel is out of the question here, I did buy her a really classy ice box last month.

David's sudden financial success is absolutely terrific. Perhaps when you all return from your trip, he can come over and have a cup of coffee. It will be a nice chance for him to meet and get to know the sheriff and the country attorney.


I then received a missive from my good friend and neighbor Susan, who stayed with Doug and Mary Ann while her house was being remodeled. With her permission......

David, it's amazing after the neighbors wonderful hospitality in allowing me to stay at their house more than several times during my remodel that I was able to do a few more things than planned on my house. I too am able to afford a trip around the world now, but have a few more details to take care of around here to make it more comfortable. Then I'll start getting the plans ready to build a larger home which I never thought was possible.



It is such a pleasure to have a neighbors with such a great since of humor.

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bookncoffee said...

Good to see you here. I think everyone has been really busy trying to figure this blogger scene out and then dress up their blogs. I love hearing your Colorado stories. I'll hopefully get to visit there someday. Have always wanted to go!
Have a good week.