Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, they all look like cowboys but they sure didn't play country western music! The Halloween gig was fun. We played for 4 hours. Pretty good for a bunch of old geezers.
Milo and I said good-bye to Jan's dad this morning. He loaded up his car and headed to Arizona for the winter. Another snow-bird has headed south. We will see him again just in time for the last big snow in the spring. It always happens.
Saturday was a work project day. One of our Scouts had his Eagle Scout Project on Saturday. He will have his award soon. Now there are only two boys in the troop without their Eagle. The Scout troop will be closing down in February and we have vowed to make sure each boys earns their Eagle.
There was another bear shot and killed in Sunshine. This time it was 10 feet in front of one of our neighbors house. The State game warden has the animal and is obtaining evidence.
If you go back to my October 4th entry you will find the banter going back and forth between our neighbor, Doug and our family. Doug has been receiving post cards from various places around the world and sent me this note:
Dear Janice, David and Harry…

We have loved hearing via post cards about your extraordinary world tour. I estimate that this splendid adventure cost you in the vicinity of $100,000. While you never have been specific about the windfall that allowed you to make this incredible journey, I am very happy for you.

Of course, it’s none of my business how you financed the trip. And I certainly would never pry.

On A completely another topic, we finally have finished an inventory of items stolen from our home. The chief investigative officer for the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says the thefts have all the earmarks of being done by some person or persons whom we might have let into the house willingly. His suspicion is it probably was perpetrated by folks who live somewhere on County Road 83 because, he says, “we have always had a lot of trouble with the perverts, trouble makers and felons who make up most of that population.”

Unlikely, he says, that is was anyone with a Sunshine Canyon address because “those people are all kind, loving, upright citizens who spent their day focused on honestly and their nights focused on integrity.” I don’t know for sure that’s true but all I can do is repeat what I’ve been told.

Anyway, the investigator says if the items stolen from us were sold on Ebay, their value would be $999,994.26. Having nothing to do with your trip, of course, but it is a quirk of numbers, isn’t it, that the cost of your trip and the value of the theft at our house are almost identical?

Have to run. Mary Ann and I are taking our annual vacation. We leave about 11 a.m. today to go have lunch at Wendy’s in Longmont. We’ll return form our vacation around 1 p.m.

Some day I'll share how he received post cards from around the world.
Keep Smiling,


Vicky said...

The Halloween gig looks like fun :) I love the letters back and forth you guys are 2 funny! love v

Ellen said...

LOVE those letters, very very funny. The gig sounded like a great time.
Sorry about the bear, so sad.
Take Care

Jan said...

So sorry to hear about the bear ,But what a fun community you all are,what about the post cards ?you tease making us wait till next time !! Jan xx I loved the picture ,

Rjet33 said...

Aww, poor bear, but having seen one up fairly close while living there, I know what massive creatures they are and heard some pretty scary stories about them getting into people's homes, etc. Love the funny letters. Halloween gig makes me wish I was there to listen. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my last blog entry concerning my FIL who was a vet.



Indigo said...

Loved seeing the band picture!

That makes 2 bears in a months time. I hope they catch whoever is doing this. It's nothing short of senseless killing.