Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It's a very cool day in Sunshine. The sky's are overcast and snow is in the forecast for this afternoon and tonight. Janice, Nate and I were joined by a group of our neighbors for our Thanksgiving morning walk. As we passed the Forest Jones house we found Zach and Natalie outside with their puppy dog. Zach was working on his wood pile and splitting wood. We paused in front of our mayors house (Chris) and snapped this picture. We walked up the hill to the Sunshine Saddle and then turned around. On the way down we passed others walking. Michelle and her two dogs came outside to pass on holiday greetings. As we passed Steve and Dee's house, Steve came outside and announced that he had made far too much coffee and would like to share. We shared.
I need to say farewell to my chainsaw. I wanted to finish cutting 6 logs this afternoon. I only completed 3 before my chainsaw started smoking and quit working. I will admit that I gave it a work-out this year. So farewell my friend, the chainsaw. We'll see what Santa can do this Christmas, for a chainsaw is on my list.
Here's wishing you all a very pleasant day.....gobble, gobble.


Sandra said...

it looks to me like you had a great thanksgiving even if the chain saw stopped working... now you can look forward to a nice new one

Jan said...

Super picture looks as though you are having a great Thanksgiving celebration together ,A chain saw for Christmas! ...really ? Jan xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy Turkey Day, David! Maybe Santa will come a little bit sooner with that chain saw. :)

Ellen said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was special. I hope Santa's got some elves at the local Home Depot (I could put in a word with the head elf there , just let me know)
Take Care my friend

Kara said...

So glad to hear you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you have been nice and not naughty so you can get a new chainsaw :)