Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunshine Ant Man

I should know better than to stop by the Mayor's house. Chris always has a Margarita ready and waiting. Most of the time the top is already off a cold beer. Chris enjoys telling a good story and I love hearing them.
Several years ago there was a Sunshine neighbor known as "The Ant Man". I don't know if anybody knew his real name, he was just "The Ant Man". Chris has been around here for a long time, therefor he either knows everyone in the neighbor hood or knows of them. Most of the nick-names have started in Chris' living room or back deck. I'm sure the "Ant Man" name had to start with Chris.
Where did the name come from? Now I might be a little fuzzy with this legend because, after all, Chris likes to tell his stories after we have consumed a fair amount of alcohol. It seems that our old neighbor was often seen hauling "stuff" up to his house in his small pick-up truck. Often it was overloaded to the point that "stuff" would fall off the truck and be left on the side of the road. Chris said he resembled a worker ant, always carrying more than it seemed possible. He thought he was trying to build his house with scrap lumber and anything he could find for free, just as long as he could tie it down.
No one was brave enough to approach "The Ant Man", for he was a recluse and did not even acknowledge anybody. He was often known to fire his rifle at passing wildlife. We know he did a lot of shooting. We found a tree full of bullets when we cut up some firewood taken from his property.
One day the man just left, leaving a pile of "stuff" for the next owner to clean up. Evidently the neighbor hood was getting a little too crowded for him.


Donna said...

I envy anybody fortunate enough to live in Colorado. I love Missouri, but I lust after Colorado!

ADB said...

A tree full of bullets: know about those alright, David. Nearly put a log with bullets on a fire once, but fortunately, one fell out in time...

Ally Lifewithally said...

Be careful burning that wood with bullets in ~ they may explode when hot ~ wouldn't want anything to happen to you ~
The story about the ant man was facinating he sounded quite a character ~ Ally x

Rebecca Anne said...

You wrote an entry! For the longest time I kept checking your site and never saw an entry. I figured you were taking an extended break much like I often do~ (aren't you just so shocked I'm writing so much!!! We shall call that -miracle)
Anyway, good to see you write again and you're back on my radar. About that antman. Isn't every town or neighborhood required to have at least one?? The one we all wonder about, but never approach.

Hmmmm, I see a story in that.

Rjet33 said...

Oh dear! Firewood with bullets in it? Might be a good thing he left, lol.