Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have been experiencing one of the driest springs on record. Usually the grass has turned green and the spring bulbs are starting to show their colors. This year the grass is still brown. The only color has been the crocus, iris and the daffodils.

The Spaghetti dinner went well. We filled station #2 with happy neighbors, drank a little wine and told stories. I don't think we made any money but at least we got everybody out of the house and had some fun.

I need to take care of some unfinished business. Last fall my neighbor accused me of stealing a lot of money from his house (it was a joke and was published a few posts back). Well, to get even, Janice and I told him we were planning a trip around the world. Thanks to some friends, we had post cards mailed from various parts of the world. I would like to thank Jan, who sent four cards from England, Chris, who mailed one from Austria and Spain and my brother-in law, who mailed two cards from Hawaii.Back to spring. Those of us who have chosen to live in the high country know that is is common to move from winter into summer in a matter of weeks. Today our prayers were answered. It is snowing. Not just a little snow but a blizzard. I expect the grass will start to turn green and we will finally have enough water to do the laundry. I wish I was still skiing. It's a powder day!

Janice, my oldest son Nate, Dennis and Suzie all attended the March Denver Pow-Wow last Sunday. It was quite a show of the Western Plains Indians.

Milo says "woof, woof" to all

Remember "Don't never interfer with nothin' what don't bother yuh none."

Keep smiling,


ADB said...

Good to hear from you, David. It is spring - only just. I'm pleased to note that the spaghetti dinner went well and that you managed to get one back on your jocular neighbours. Keep well,


Rjet33 said...

My daughter went with my MOm to an Indian Pow Wow in Gay, GA a couple of years back. She had a wonderful time. Glad that the spaghetti dinner went well. Funny about the postcards. :-)