Monday, April 20, 2009

More Springtime in the Rockies

Now don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining about the moisture. We really needed it...and we received it all at once. Our 24" of snow had a good 5" of moisture and it has been a true blessings. As the snow melts, the grass turns green.

It started snowing Thursday evening and continued through Saturday night. We lost electricity Saturday morning around 9AM. Power was restored at 6PM Sunday. For those of us that have gone through a Springtime snow storm, it was no big deal. When one of the neighbors ask how we were doing, I replied "Well, I've shoveled out the gas bar-b-que, the beer's cold, the phones not ringing and the wood burning stove is hot...what else could we ask for?" Janice and I snuggled up with a couple of good books and enjoyed the storm.

When we dug out Sunday, we drove around and looked at the damage created by the heavy, wet snow. Mother nature has her way of pruning the weak branches.


Indigo said...

Wow...your still getting the white stuff. I will no longer complain about rain, at least it's NOT snow. I know it's annoying but then again the views you have there in the mtns. are amazing. (Hugs)Indigo

ADB said...

Whether it's a deep fall of snow or a severe storm (like we get in the Hebrides), there's only one thing for it. Get comfortable and ride it out. The sun will always come back.

Rebecca Anne said...

My mouth is on the ground!!
Yesterday it was near 90 degrees in Boise, so hopefully some of that beautiful warmth is headed your direction.

It is beautiful to look at~

Lori said...

Beautiful! But I'm done with snow here (hopefully) until this winter.

DebraLSchubert said...

Hi, David! I found you via the always wonderful Rebecca. I lived in CO for many years, and my family is still there - a sister in Boulder, one in Denver (the old Stapleton site), another one in Lone Tree, and my parents are in Centennial. I travel there often (from my current digs in PA) - it's the perfect home away from home. I heard of the big snow you got - I miss those storms! Thanks for the pics - they're positively beautiful.

BTW: I'm following you now. Feel free to stop by my place and say "hello!"

Rjet33 said...

I know what you mean about enjoying the storm. We were there in the blizzard of March 2002. We were snowed in for several days. We enjoyed it too! I miss the snow. We did get some here on March 1st, which is extremely rare. It was like 4 inches, which is a lot for east central Alabama. Heck, anything is a lot here cuz it rarely snows here. :(
I believe I posted some pics of it in my blog. It was a fun day.