Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Mother, on Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to you , Mother. Although we haven't spoken to each other for several years, you are always with me. I feel your presence every day. I feel you in every fiber of my body, for you gave me life.

You have given me so much. You gave me three wonderful brothers and a safe home. You gave me a home that encouraged love, understanding and respect. For that I am forever grateful. You took me to church, had me baptized, taught me to pray and continued to worship with me. I still hang the Christmas stocking you made for me every Christmas.

Grandmother Eula and my Mother shopping in Portland, OR

Mother, thank you for teaching me manners, a lost art that I have passed on to my sons. I still walk on the outside to protect my wife from getting splashed by passing cars. Thank you for writing to me while I was in uniform. If it wasn't for you and my father, I wouldn't have received any letters. I will always feel bad for ruining you night of cards when I dropped the hatchet on my foot and cut off my toenail. I think you got to the hospital faster than I did.

Thank you Mother for raising my three wonderful brothers. You supported John through the really hard times, when no one understood his Cerebral Palsy. You loved Dan through every wild hair he had. You gave me my youngest brother, Phil, when I was only 15; and taught me how to take care of a baby. A lesson I used when I had my own children.

You gave me my heritage and a membership in the First Families of Tennessee. (and that's an inside joke that only you and I understand...who needs those old bitties in Virginia anyway)

I love you Mother, and I miss you.


DebraLSchubert said...

What a beautiful, touching tribute to your mom. I'm sure, wherever she is, she's beaming.

Indigo said...

Beautiful Tribute to your mother dear friend. I agree with Debra, wherever she is I'm almost positive she's bursting with pride, wearing a smile.(Hugs)Indigo

Rebecca Anne said...

You did her great honor with this entry. She sounds like a beautiful soul and you were indeed lucky to have such a gift and influence in your life.
Well done, well done,

violetlady said...

What a beautiful post. I love that photo of your mother and aunt out shopping. They look very stylish and those shoes are still in fashion! Thank you for sharing.

violetlady said...

I meant to say your mother and grandmother, not aunt!