Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Visiting John

I ran up to Cheyenne this evening.  My brother, John, is back in the hospital.  His heart again.  Anyway, I had one of those "OMG" moments while driving north on I-25, just south of the Wyoming, Colorado border.  The countryside is rather barren.  Mostly gentle rolling hills covered with prairie grass.  No trees, no houses, no people, nothing, just grass, wind and blue skies.  Sometimes you will see antelope and a few cattle, mostly white face herefords.  This evening, just as the sun was setting, I saw something I had only dreamt about.  You would think it would be an everyday thing.  Growing up in Wyoming,you would think this event would not surprise me. But it did.  It was very common in the western plains before the white man moved in.  It was a herd of buffalo grazing for their evening meal.  I had seen paintings, even movies of this event.  But, for the 1st time in my life, there it was.  A large herd of buffalo,  They are a majestic animal.
Please pray for John.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Mayor's doing well

Here's Chris, the mayor (on the right), and some Sunshine residents enjoying an evening.  His by-pass was very successful.  He went home two days after the surgery.  He must have been felling good enough to start telling I believe they kicked him out.  We're happy all went well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Mayor

I received news yesterday that Sunshine's mayor, Chris was taken to the hospital and had quadruple by-pass surgery.  He is much loved.  The surgery went well and he should be going home in the next few days.  As the mayor, Chris has, for years, hosted an informal Friday Afternoon Club at his humble little cottage.  Neighbors just stop in every Friday for stories, comradery  and, maybe just a little booze.  Chris loves to make others feel at home, so much so that, after taking him to the hospital the group of them (20 to 30) returned to Chris' and continued the FAC.