Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can't say it been easy to drive from our temporary house in Lafayette to Sunshine. We continue to sift through the rubble and find little pieces of things that we held near and dear to our hearts. The community is trying to hold together. We have had pot luck dinners. One of our neighbors passed away and the family had a gathering in his honor. Most of the neighbor hood was there. Tim and Linda held a fund raiser for the fire department. It was a "Corn-hole" tournament and was a lot of fun. As the dust settles, we find that 160 homes were destroyed by the fire. That has put a big bite in the tax base. The fire department used the tax base most of it's income. There are two fire trucks that are not paid for and financial resources need to be found. We will rebuild.
There will not be a Halloween party this year. We are hoping the community will be ready next year.