Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our new neighbor

Last weekend the Sunshine community held a welcome party for our newest neighbor, Kiri. He is three years old and an orphan from Haiti. Kyle and Heather were in the adoption process when the earthquake hit. He is a bundle of joy and we are overjoyed to have him as a neighbor. By the way, he is in his new mothers arms. The other guy, the old fart, is our mayor, Chris.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

She will kill me for this

As I rounded the massive stone structure I heard a Goolish voice calling out..... "Spirits of darkness, give me your ears. Find he who comes and fill him with fear. Break all his bones and poke out his eyes, sew-up his mouth and fill it with flies...."
Just then, from out of nowhere......a tree bending wind blew away the smoke and there, on the edge of Hell stood...
Janice, the witch of the North Fork, point at me. Her eyes fixed on my soul.
Frozen...... I...
To be continued...