Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday House Warming

Our Sunshine neighbor, Peter, has been constructing an addition on his house. Last night he had a house warming party for his, almost complete, addition. The guests were an assortment of Sunshine neighbors and folks Peter knows from town. One of our more famous, or should I say infamous neighbors was in attendance.
For those of you who have followed my journal for the last four or five years know that our community of Sunshine was, at one time, a booming gold mine town. The Gold played out and the war came along. The Gold Mines shut down. The shafts and tunnels are still here. So what does one do with an abandoned mine tunnel? Our friend Danny stores his beer in there. The temperature is a constant 54 degrees, summer and winter. Danny is a well known beer connoisseur. This picture was published some time ago in the New York Times. An article about him showed up in an Australian news paper declaring his as a "popular bloat". Danny loves his beer. He even has an attachment to his small pick-up truck that he takes to local functions. The attachment holds 3 kegs of beer, all on tap.